West Coast Public Affairs

West Coast Public Affairs

Scarlet Oak Strategies is a Washington, DC and Seattle-based public affairs, strategic communications, and campaign firm with a footprint across the West Coast. In an increasingly complicated landscape, we help clients advance political objectives, navigate public policy challenges, and overcome obstacles. 

Our Services

Public Affairs

Public Affairs & Government Relations

Local, state, and federal government policy and regulatory engagement

Tailoring of local messages

Influencer activation

Strategic Communications

Strategic Communications

Crisis communications

Message refinement & localization

Content development

Strategic planning & plan construction

Coalition Building

Grassroots & Coalition Building

Coalition building

Stakeholder mapping & plan building

Stakeholder education & activation

Engaging third-party validators for political and local engagement

Digital Advocacy

Digital Advocacy

Digital campaign strategy

Building online sentiment

Finding and amplifying unique audiences

Our Approach

We develop and execute custom-tailored strategies that match the nuance of the project at hand and advance business objectives.


icon candidateWe educate and activate stakeholders, allies, and third-parties to achieve policy and campaign goals.


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We identify business, legislative, regulatory, political and reputational obstacles and custom build plans to mitigate risk and accomplish objectives in complex situations.