Maryland Public Affairs

Our Maryland public affairs offering is based in Annapolis, MD and led by veteran Maryland campaign and public affairs principals Raymond Glendening and Brian Doory. Over the last five years, we have led dozens of campaigns for corporate, issue and trade groups at the federal, state and local levels.  Our campaign mindset informs our approach to managing our clients legislative, regulatory and reputational objectives in the state.

Our Services

Public Affairs

Public Affairs

Local market, policy, & regulatory intelligence

Tailoring of local messages

Influencer activation

Strategic Communications

Strategic Communications

Crisis communications

Message refinement & localization

Content development

Strategic planning & plan construction

Coalition Building

Grassroots & Coalition Building

Stakeholder mapping & local plan building

Stakeholder education & activation

Engaging third-party validators

Local media engagement

Digital Advocacy

Digital Advocacy

Digital campaign strategy

Building online sentiment

Finding & amplifying unique audiences

Our Approach

Icon localizeWe educate and activate stakeholders, allies, and third-parties to achieve policy and campaign goals.


icon generateWe know our communities and what moves public opinion and influences decisionmakers.


icon generateOur in-depth knowledge of the state enables us to successfully implement campaigns that adapt to the unique realities of communities throughout the state.