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Michael Muller

Senior Director, New Jersey

Michael Muller leads Scarlet Oak Strategies’ New Jersey practice and has overseen campaigns on health, finance, and international issues.

Michael Muller has provided guidance to legislative leadership in Illinois, New Jersey and New York, along with a broad spectrum of presidential, congressional, statewide and local candidates during the past 25 years.

Michael’s achievements include building the New Jersey Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee (DACC) and turning it into one of the nation’s elite legislative leadership committees. As the current CEO of DACC, and formerly the executive director for fifteen years, Michael has established the longest running Democratic State Assembly majority in New Jersey history.

Michael engineered three tremendously successful election cycles during an era of both Governor Christie’s dominance over the New Jersey political scene and legislative Democrats nationally facing substantial loses. Despite Governor Christie carrying a majority of legislative districts in the 2009 election, seizing record popularity in the 2011 mid-term election and cruising to a 22-point blowout victory in 2013, Michael established the record for most combined Democratic seats while he grew the majorities in both the State Senate and General Assembly against daunting odds.

In 2008, Michael was Hillary Clinton’s New Jersey Campaign Director. During the 2008 general election, Michael also served as the Coordinated Campaign Director in New Jersey where he scored major victories statewide for President Barack Obama and U.S. Senator Frank Lautenberg, along with the election of U.S. Representative John Adler to the Third Congressional District – that victory marked the only Democratic victory in that district in more than 130 years.

Michael Muller has been nationally recognized winning prestigious awards in the political community as a 3-time Pollie Award winner from the American Association of Political Consultants and 2-time Reed Award winner from Campaigns & Elections Magazine. And this year, Michael served as Chief Strategist to newly elected Rep. Jeff Van Drew in New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District, a seat Democrats had not won since 1992.

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Michael Muller

Senior Director, New Jersey
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